A Pea to Public Eye

The two articles, ‘The Web We Need to Give Students’ by Watters and ‘How Public? Why Public’ by Matthew Cheney, both display the significance to public posting for students; but they both also touch on the negatives that can come with this. The article, ‘The Web We Need to Give Students’ written by Audrey Watters touches on why student security is held with such importance, but more on why this would be a major development for the educational world and even directly for students. Watters uses a Virginia Woolf who in 1929 demanded ‘A Room of One’s Own, “The necessity of a personal place to write,(Watters)”. This doesn’t physically have to be a solitary room for students to illustrate their words and thoughts, but this should be a safe place; a domain; a blog for students to be able to share unfiltered thoughts. In Cheney’s, “How Public?Why Public?” article, he touches on intergrading the “public” into students work. Matthew Cheney touches on a great point during the writing which is “There are plenty of legitimate reasons to create a pseudonym. The internet can be a brutal place,”(Cheney). This furthers the idea that the internet may not be a place for students public works because these are unfiltered and that can be horrifying. With the internet, you’re unaware of if what you’re saying will be a trigger to someone else and begin a frenzy of internet trolls. To go back to Watters article, there’s a constant fear that students will be seen “doing bad things” or “saying bad things will haunt them forever,”(Watters). This is a real fear embedded into children. We’re taught from the start to watch what we say online because it’s not only a physically dangerous place but more so, mentally dangerous. I still sometimes fear what I’m posting/publishing is too sensitive for some because I have a hard time censoring my thoughts. I think creating public domains to track our IDS progress was a great idea but I’m not sure about how I feel publishing myself to be a Pea to the Public.

Matthew Cheney How Public? Why Public?
Audrey Watters The Web We Need to Give Students

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