Worm Reflection 1

Coming into the Intro to Interdisciplinary course, I was excited, but horrified that I’d be unable to take the directions I wanted. Also not being an IDS major only added to my fears; had my peers already started some of these things? When should I proposal for my major be ready? Are they flat out going to tell me I’m insane and to “Go home,”? Upon walking in on the first day, I knew that the class would be something I could handle. Going over the syllabus, I struggled to see how this course could work. I still wonder, but I’ve come to the conclusion the intro to IDS course will be a space that we’re able to bring our Major ideas to life with the help of an amazing department. I found the scavenger hunt to be an exciting piece of this course because not only were we forced to be up and active on a Monday morning at 9am, but we were able to meet the people we’re going to be working with directly. This made me feel more confident in my decision to switch majors although it was completely straying from my comfort zone.

I know this course will provide me with the proper information and tools to create my own personal path during my years of Plymouth State. I’ve learned that Interdisciplinary studies go further back then I could’ve thought and that since starting, has provided students with the necessities to succeed in the fields we see fit. I’m eager to begin working on creating exactly what I want to graduate with which I know is Agriculture/Farming but I’m stuck between also emersing myself in Geology or Hollistic Medicine. I used the Creative Commons website and searched for images related to honey farming. After loading a few pages of photos, I decided upon the one inserted below. I found myself continuing my search to geology, crystals, herbs,

flowers and even our own, White Mountains. I soon realized that most of the photos were ones uploaded by real people; ones they’d taken themselves. I favored this because with other search engines, it can be hard to tell which image is real, raw.

I feel this course will be good at providing me and my peers with deeper information we’re seeking and will go further then surfaces like other courses because we’re in such a small setting. This opens up opportunity for more interaction between students and even you, Professor Cheney. I frequently rave about loving hands-on, explorative environments and with the brief introduction I had to the class, after missing one of our three thus far, I feel this goes a bit above the Plymouth “common core”. I appreciate straying away from Moodle and using an interactive sheet to submit work to you because I feel it creates more responsibility, and accountability for my work-load but also the quality of my work. I’m excited to continue to learn about this course, how we’ll be working it while straying on our own paths, and interacting with my classmates though I think we’re all a bit shy still. I can’t wait to see what this year brings; hope you’re as excited.

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