PLN Plan

  1. My research provided that each bee farmer, has multiple outlets of marketing their product. Farmers use, predominantly social media and locally distribute at farmers markets, grocery stores, etc. Farmers also have websites/blogs that other farmers can use to share common information to each other.
  2. I feel like blogs will be a great source of information, but also farmer’s social media accounts. It seems that commonly, they’re all very proud of their hives and tend to post about them frequently; listing any information they wish, sometimes even facts! 
  3. To connect with scholars and professionals, I feel that actually going to local farms or hives, would be the best idea. I’d personally prefer to meet in person, so I know what they’re saying is real and that they really love what they’re doing.
  4. I feel an instagram account would be best for me to spread my knowledge of my field because as a young adult, I’m confident in my social media “skills”. It’s easy to find the proper hashtags to meet a certain demographic of bee lovers!
  5. I’d like to be public because I feel beekeeping is a topic that needs to be in light more often. Honey is an extremely important factor in our society and even just for our bees. By going public, I’ll have the ability to spread more information further. 
  6. I’ll engage once a week by posting bee/beekeeping facts or even featuring a farmer’s post on my own page. This means i’ll give traction but other farmers will as well.
  7. I’ll know if this is serving me well, regardless of if I gain followers or traction on posts because I will be researching each week for my weekly post, which keeps me updated on new information that I should know! 

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