Where The Heck is This Heading?

Any student who is an interdisciplinary major knows that an IDS program allows us as students to take control of our higher education. Before some switched, we were following guided courses among a schedule that was already created for us that involved many things some of us had no relation to. The article 18 Colleges Should Reconstruct The Unity of Knowledge written by Vartan Gregorian describes this as the “home depot approach”, “there is no differentiation between consumption and digestion, or between information and learning, and no guidance-or even questioning,”. Here, Gregorian is pointing out how Colleges have neglected to help students follow the paths they wanted, and instead, guided them to where that school wanted them to be. 

While I do think that Interdisciplinary Education will expand in the future, I think students just genuinely have no idea what it is! Colleges tend to neglect informing students of this option for some reason so there’s a deficit in information there. If students knew that with this discipline, they had the power to create and guide their own futures I think they’d jump for it. This major gives you the creativity to combine the hundreds or thousands, of courses that are offered by schools to fit their wants and needs almost perfectly. “Unless we help our students acquire their own identity, they will end up at the mercy of experts”(Gregorian). Unfortunately, this is true and can be extremely damaging for students’s futures. If we’re constantly speaking to a “professional” of these subjects, IE. our professors, we may become lost in what, we as the student wants to do, and become entangled in what our professor pushes for us. I truly believe if the IDS discipline was spoken about more, we’d have more students wanting to be apart of this because luckily, some of us know exactly where we want to be in the next 10 to 15 years.

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