Why Honey Farming?

Since I began looking into beekeeping and honey farming, everyone’s main question has been; Why would you ever wanna do that? Before I even get into it I want to point out that, if you leave a bee alone they’ll leave you alone! Simple! We fear bees so much because you’re used to swatting them; wouldn’t you wanna hurt someone that hurt you too? This is besides the point! I’ve always loved bees and that could be because they’d never stung me (bee kind), but more importantly, I love the workers they are. They know that we’re dependent on them for 1/3 of our daily meals and regardless of treatment, their only goal is to pollinate.

After reading over Penn State University’s article, “Beekeeping- Honey Bees”, It only confirmed my knowledge that I had previously, but also gave me multiple new insights. PSU writes, “around 175 million pounds of honey are produced annually in the United States,”. That’s a whole lot of honey boys! And tot think it all comes from millions of little bees!

I found this article to be really important to me because not only does it mentions facts and pollination guides for both the farmer and the bees, but it offers a “planning ahead” guide as well! Here is where you find the basics of what you need to begin a honey farm or even simple beekeeping. I also found it interesting that Marketing was mentioned here. I feel most articles and farmers neglect to write about how they got to where they are and the correct strategies to make sure your farm is successful! Overall, I’d say this article was very helpful and if you’re interested in bees you should definitely take a look!


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